Heat Cost Allocators

Save energy, control your consuption

Heat Cost Allocator Services

We are specialized in heat cost allocator installation. Our installers are educated and certified professionals with experience based on more than thirty projects.

  • Heat Allocator Design

    Heat Allocators are small devices designed to measure quantity of delivered heat.

    Devices are attached on heat radiators in your apartment. Measures collected from all devices are summed and represent total heat quantity emitted to your place. This way common resources spent for heating entire building can be divided individually per each functional unit in the building.

  • Walk-by Design

    Walk-by are devices used to record data emitted by each allocator in your building.

    Walk-bys are maintained by our employees once in month. We read data and prepare reports for regulatory institution.

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Certified professionals, and years of experience guaranty quality of our service.
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Efficiency and reliability

With heat cost allocators installed you can finally control heat consumption.
You will pay what you spent.